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The Body Aesthetic, personal training and nutrition by Matthew Greskiewicz. Servicing the Greater Philadelphia area since 2006, I am passionate about helping people achieve their individual fitness goals, regardless of fitness level. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone, or just get healthier, The Body Aesthetic can help. Contact me to get started.

 matthew greskiewicz . certified personal trainer

matthew greskiewicz . certified personal trainer

about the body aesthetic

I have always had a deep interest and appreciation for the form and capability of the human body. While pursuing my BA in Fine Arts from Arcadia University, I studied the human form extensively, concentrating on figure drawing and scientific illustration.  This, combined with my lifelong passion for the sport of bodybuilding, would make the fields of exercise and nutrition a natural path for me. Through the years, I have been sharing my knowledge and passion by helping other people transform their bodies, and in many cases, their lives.

Achieving a fitness goal is partly about how (and how often) you move your body.  But it’s also about what you put into it. I worked as a Sports Nutrition Specialist for more than two years which helped jumpstart my journey into the nutrition side of the business. Like many people, I have always had a love and appreciation for food, and the more I developed my knowledge of nutrition, the more I was able to understand and create a healthy way of eating that supported my fitness goals without completely eliminating the foods I love.

For me, personal training is about more than just designing exercise plans. It’s about listening and responding with personalized guidance and support that helps people achieve their unique goals in practical, daily ways. People often ask me what I love most about what I do. Perhaps my favorite part is the difference exercise can make in the everyday lives of the people we see day in and day out. But also, I love the power and ability of the human body to transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Being part of this transformation is not only a great reward for many of my clients, but for me too.


During my five years as a personal trainer, I have partnered with many types of clients, some of whom have remained with me for more than three years. My clients are men, women, and young adults who have a fitness or nutritional goal they need help achieving.  For example, I have worked with:

  • a 27-year-old trapeze performer
  • a 30-year-old roller-derby girl
  • a 49-year-old figure competitor looking to make the switch to bodybuilding
  • a 65-year-old amateur tennis player hoping to stay above the younger competition
  • a 64-year-old non-competitive bodybuilder trying to keep his youthful physique
  • a 16-year-old high school baseball player looking to get a leg up on the competition
  • a 59-year-old elementary school teacher with no prior history of exercise outside of high school


I hold a BA in Fine Arts and have been certified in personal training since 2006 with a sports nutrition certification since 2008.  I am also CPR/AED certified.

While continuing education is important in my field, it is also mandatory in maintaining certifications. Often the difference between a good personal trainer and an exceptional one lies in hands-on experience. I can proudly say I practice what I preach in living a lifestyle I hope to sustain for many years to come. In 2009, I hired IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brian Chamberlain as my own personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Brian helped take my fitness to a new level. And this comes full circle: the farther I travel through my fitness journey, the better prepared I am to help my clients achieve their fitness goals.

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