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The Body Aesthetic, personal training and nutrition by Matthew Greskiewicz. Servicing the Greater Philadelphia area since 2006, I am passionate about helping people achieve their individual fitness goals, regardless of fitness level. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone, or just get healthier, The Body Aesthetic can help. Contact me to get started.

The reasons for hiring a personal trainer are as unique and varying as the people I train. Hear from some of them.

Matt is a professional fitness instructor of the highest caliber. He has trained me for approximately 4 months, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Initially, I found Matt to be punctual, prepared and friendly. He identified my fitness goals and developed a personalized training plan to help me meet those goals. As my training progressed, I grew to appreciate Matt’s extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Also, his attention to detail is impressive - especially when it comes to teaching proper technique. I’ve grown stronger over the last few months and I feel better than I have in years. I couldn’t have done it without Matt’s help and I would recommend him to anyone who endeavors to improve their level of fitness.
— Rich V. 35 Clinical Neurophysiologist

As a trainer myself, I had very high expectations about who I trained with, and Matt met and exceeded all of them. I trained with Matt for about a year and then recruited him to work with me at a corporate training facility because of how impressed I was. I would recommend Matt to everyone I know that is serious about their health and fitness level. Matt’s depth of knowledge around exercise and nutrition makes him superior to other trainers that I have worked with. His passion for health and fitness is contagious. He practices what he preaches which makes it easy to trust him. Matt has a gentle yet effective way of pushing people past their perceived physical limitations. He deeply cares about his clients, which is immediately evident during his sessions.
— Teri F. 38 Health Coach | Personal Trainer | Corrective Exercise Specialist

I was ready to take my workout to the next level but didn’t want an inexperienced trainer to provide me with a generic workout. I had been there before. I was a 40 something physician with a few previous sports injuries and my goal was to build more strength and mass than I was getting with my usual routine. Matt took all factors into consideration when developing my program. We discussed everything from diet, muscle mechanics, exercise sequence, pace, and particularly technique. He clearly understood the physiology and mechanics involved to getting safe results, as I was able to put on lean muscle mass and improve strength significantly. I am very happy with my results and continue to use what I have learned with Matt to this day. I highly recommend his services for a safe, balanced, and challenging workout program that yields results.
— David H. MD Horvath Plastic Surgery

As a corporate chairman, I realize the importance of working with professionals in their field. I have been training with Matt for 2-3 years now and Matt personally tailors programs that suit my needs. As a 56-year-old man that plays ice hockey in a men’s league and trains in mixed martial arts, I find this to be a very valuable service
— Ernie F. 56 Corporate Chairman

I have been training as an aerialist for several years and recently began teaching. I knew I needed to step it up a notch to improve my own training, as well as increase my endurance for teaching others. I was concerned about injury due to the overuse of a lot of the same muscle groups throughout my week. His program for me includes working on strengthening the muscles I need to use daily and working the ones that often get ignored in aerial training. Most importantly, he has worked with me to strengthen my rotator cuffs to try and avoid the common shoulder injuries that often arise with people in my field. I workout with Matt once a week, in addition to my own training, and have definitely noticed a difference over just the few months I have spent with him. I would highly recommend him. He is a pleasure to work with and uses his comprehensive knowledge of the body to specifically tailor his plan to your needs. I only wish I hired him earlier!
— Meg S. 27 Aerialist and Instructor, Philadelphia Circus School

I never liked exercising before, except for walking or riding my bike, but I wanted a program I would like enough to commit to. I decided to get a personal trainer to help me meet my goals to get in better shape and lose some weight. I’ve been training with Matt now for over 2½ years and feel very lucky to have Matt as my personal trainer. When I started I didn’t know the correct way to use machines and weights and Matt has educated me and made changes in my personal program, as needed. I look forward to training with Matt twice a week and because of him I am dedicated to my exercise program. I have met my goals and I am continuing to move forward. Friends and family have noticed a change in my appearance and it has been fun to buy some new clothes. As a person, Matt is highly professional and conscientious. I always feel that he is focused on my training session.
— Joan B. 59 Kindergarten Teacher

Matt and I trained for about a year and a half together. I was 64-years-old when I met him. I was concerned that my size wasn’t big enough. Matt put me on a six-day workout schedule. It put size on me. He also put me on a diet so that I could gain weight. When I started working with Matt, I weighed about 204lbs. When I was finished, I weighed 223lbs. The workouts were hard but the most important thing was the form he showed me. I learned that the amount of weight did not mean as much as the form did. I met Matt in his twenties. There wasn’t any generation gap. He explained everything very thoroughly. I am still working out, I am still making gains and I am 67-years-old. Matt is an outstanding trainer. I highly recommend him.
— Gary D. 67 High School Teacher

When we got engaged, we wanted to lose weight and get in shape for our wedding. We hired Matt to write us a diet and began working out with him twice a week. Not only was the diet convenient and easy to follow, but it was tailored to our food likes and dislikes, as well as our individual weight loss goals. The workouts were always challenging, and like the diet, designed to help us meet our benchmarks. Matt takes pride in his work and is very supportive of his clients succeeding. By utilizing his knowledge and expertise, we lost a combined total of 40 lbs by our wedding day. We strongly recommend Matt to everyone looking to lose weight, get toned, and improve his or her overall health and appearance
— Kevin W. 28 and Loreen W. 30 Case Analyst

I started working out with Matt 3 years ago to improve my overall strength and my balance. I’m in my 60’s and balance had become a real challenge for me. It has improved tremendously by using targeted exercises. I’ve also had several foot surgeries during the past two years and Matt has modified my workout each time to help me maintain my overall conditioning even when my mobility was restricted.
— Monica H. 60 Director of Human Resources

Having worked with several personal trainers in the past, I can indisputably say that Matt is THE BEST. In every aspect – from strength training to nutrition to motivation – Matt is a meticulous, bona fide professional who truly cares about making his clients look and feel our best. Matt closely monitors my form and pushes me to exactly where I need to go. I credit Matt 100% for the progression in my fitness level, which I would not be able to achieve on my own. I have acquired marked increases in strength and definition since I began working out and following his personalized meal plan. I could not be happier having Matt as my fitness partner; he is worth every minute, every cent, and I would not be without him!
— Robyn V. 47 Relationship Manager

I’ve been training with Matt for almost two years. It’s a great investment for my fitness goals and I really enjoy the workouts. They are fun, balanced and productive. I get pushed harder than I would push myself, but not beyond my limits. The personal attention given equals excellent results. The change in my body composition has been significant. I’m thankful for Matt’s dedication, enthusiasm and expertise.
— Kristin L.

For those of us who have spent many years not exercising, it is daunting to begin again. The machines look complicated and the free weights, well, just too heavy! Matt calmly and with an easy going manner showed me how to get started on this journey. My routines began small and steadily increased both in weight amounts and difficulty. Before I knew it, I was completing routines I never imagined even trying. Those machines became commonplace. The weights were no longer intimidating. Matt’s training has allowed me to feel comfortable in a gym. More importantly, Matt has given me confidence in myself and what I can achieve. I have realized that I am not limited in my approach to working out. I can continue to challenge myself. I now look forward to working out and trying new routines. Thank you Matt!
— Denise M. 49.

Since training with Matt I have seen an overall increase in muscle definition as well as a decrease in body fat. He has not only guided me with nutrition, but has been extremely helpful with keeping me focused and on track with a healthy lifestyle and in reaching my goals. Matt is not only knowledgeable, but knows how to treat his clients as individuals.
— Cheryl J. 38 Dental Hygienist

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